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Sleeping bus … what a nightmare

Eingetragen bei: Vietnam 2014 | 0

It’s 6:30 am in Nha Thrang … after 12 hrs in this sleeping bus I feel like having done a 12 hrs ride in a bumper car. For the record: A. non. stop. ride.  All inclusive a well perfumed toilet. The … Weiter

Hoi An & My Son / Day 14

Eingetragen bei: Vietnam 2014 | 0

Just a short comment on the weather: It. is. cloudy. with. some. rain. At 8 am we left our Homestay to visit My Son. We just booked the transport but the guide was surprisingly included. Nevertheless we left „our „group … Weiter

Hoi An // Day 15

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Our last day in Hoi An. We spend the night in a homestay next to the Greenlife homestay. We couldn’t stay 1 night longer in Greenlife because they were fully booked out. After preparing our stuff for the next travel … Weiter

Hoi An // Day 13

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Let‘ s think about the weather. Well … you won’t believe it. It’s raining and storming again. So nothing intersting to write for today. We went to the beach and had a fantastic view on curved palm trees and high … Weiter

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