Costa Rica Wildlife Photos

Costa Rica Wildlife Photos

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… endlich können wir Euch Bilder zeigen 🙂 Wir sind immer noch begeistert von dieser unglaublichen Fauna und sagen danke an alle Costa Ricaner, die uns überall mit Freude auf Tiere aufmerksam machten und an alle Gastgeber, denen wir einen wunderschönen Aufenthalt verdankten. Die Fotos können für private Zwecke mit (c) und Quellangabe gratis genutzt werden. Für kommerzielle Verwendung bitte eine Mail an uns senden – vielen Dank. // Finally, here are our pics. We are still thrilled by this incredible fauna and we would like to thank all Costa Ricans for showing us so many animals. A great thank you to all our hosts for a wonderful stay at your place. Recommendations on Trip Advisor will follow 🙂 All pics can be used free of charge for private matters – mentioning (c) and the source. For commercial use please drop us a message. Thanks.

Juan (Finca Maresia) = thanks so much for your survival training with air humidity :), for organising the dive trip (sharks, turtle, sting rays …..), the night tour with Tracie and her husband,  the trip to Corcovado. We will never forget your great place, our first tapir in wildlife, so many scarlet macaws, tucans …and and and … We enjoyed every evening your delicious dinner and the conversations with  different nations at one table 🙂

Tracie and Gian: Your moonlight adventure tour in the rainforest was incredible. Thank you so much for taking us on a trip to the small creatures of this planet. One day, we will manage it to find the small doors of the spider house, too 🙂 Amazing world.

Thanks to our guide Noel (Rana Roja Lodge // Tortuguero National Park) for finding so many animals … the yawning crocodile and „Sabine’s“ frogs in the night!! 🙂 We enjoyed the silent canoe tour in the early morning every minute 🙂

Horst (  Hotel Rio Cocles // Puerto Viejo) – vielen Dank für Deine Gastfreundschaft, das köstliche deutsche Frühstück mit selbstgebackenem Brot / Brötchen, Salami, Schinken, Käse und Blick auf das Meer. Wir werden Deinen Baum, auf dem die Leguane wachsen 😉 nicht vergessen. Das war so unglaublich.

Javier and Jose (Hotel Mango Valley in Grecia) – thanks for so many information about your country and your recommendations what to visit. We enjoyed every minute at your lovely silent place.
Last but not least a great thank you to the owner of Villas Cipreses in Grecia. He found our torch and brought it personally to our hotel.

Some videos:
Catarata del Toro
Nasenbären / coatis
Strasse zum Nationalpark Tortuguero
Wassertaxi zum Tortuguero National Park

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