Da Lat / Day 18

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Any news about the weather? Well, still cloudy, a bit sunny … a mixture of something. So we are armed again with a warm pullover and our rain coat when leaving our bungalow.

Our day trip started with a stop at The crazy house. That was really crazy stuff and worth to visit 🙂  It’s a mini hotel, too and offers wonderful rooms with own bathrooms. It was fun moving around and of course: it was crowded by tourists.

mooli-art-2the-crazy-house mooli-art-the-crazy-house-d
The crazy house in Da Lat / Vietnam

The second stop was at Thién Viên Trúc Lâm, a monastery located in a beautiful park. The monks are cultivating the facility by themselves and don’t depend on food donations. It’s really an oasis of tranquillity …

At last we decided to visit a small waterfall, called Khu Du Lįch Prenn. Unfortunately it turned out as an amusement park.
mooli-art-bonsai-baeume      mooli-art-waterfall-vietnam
cultivating Bonsai trees                                                          the waterfall (approx. 15-20 meter height)

Our  day ended with a very good dinner at Trông dông Restaurant in 220 Phan Dinh Phung Str., Dalat City.


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