Hoi An // Day 12

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Where’s the sun?

It seem’s that she has taken a sabbatical. So another cloudy and windy day welcomes us. We start our breakfast on the roof top of our homestay but already 10 minutes later we speed inside. It’s raining again. 30 min later we start our tour through old Hoi An. At the end of the day we agree that Hoi An is our favorite city in Vietnam. Various ancient houses, still in private property of the 8th or 9th generation, many nice little shops and a crowded typical food market in a city located at a river and close to the sea make you feel being a bit in old Asia. Especially up from the late afternoon when hundreds of colored lanters start to shine in the streets the atmosphere changes to ancient times. At 6 pm we enjoyed a very good massage at Hoian Spa .  The dinner at Dao Tien  was delicious but the portions were a bit  too small.


Breakfast on Green life homestay’s roof top …               so delicious – fresh herbs
until the rain was coming


market life                                                                            ancient house… the owners still live inside


Reaching Out shop with lovely gifts  handmade              spicy meal in Little Hanoi Restaurant
by disabled persons for reasonable Prices.


Local market women … the stuff is realy                       another beautyful ancient house in Hoi An
and they are carying it around the
whole day.
What a hard job for a small income.


View from an old bridge into a cosy street                       Inside an ancient house.
in Hoi An    
                                                                              The construction is influenced by Vietnamese (floor), 
                                                                                                     Japanese (roof) and Chinese style.



Night view at the riverside in Hoi An                              some decoration needed ?



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