Hue // Day 9

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5:30 am – oh my god, what a time. But we have to kick our body out of the  bed if we want to catch our bus to Hue. At 6:50 am after a coffee and tee we found ourself with 7 others in a small bus on the road.

Our first stop is at the Vinh Moc tunnels. A very impressive and haunting experience in the DMZ (demilitarised zone). Unbelieveable that 300 people could live in these small tunnels for 6 years. I was so happy to breath fresh air and have the sky above me when leaving this tunnel.


Vinh Moc entrance to the tunnel system// historical photos: life in the tunnel & kindergarden
16 out of 17 children born there are still alive


Visualising the live during the war. (Museum at the old border of North/South Vietnam)


Another tunnel entry. Max height ca 1.30 meters

Old bridge connecting North and South Vietnam. The middle of the bridge was the border line (see blue and yellow color of the handrail

At 2 pm we finally checked in at our hotel Serene Palace hotel. A very nice place to stay. 3 hours later we organized a massage at Stone Massage in 50 Nguygen Tri Phuong which we can recommend to visit. Ask the hotel staff they know it very well.

A place for sure for a fantastic dinner is La Carambole in 19 Pham Ngû Lăo. It’s absolutely worth to visit it.



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