Phu Quoc // Day 20 – next to last day

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Phu Quoc in brief:
– still a beautiful green island with sandy beaches and long flat entries into the water
– still beaches without resorts but they are very busy in constructing more
– the new airport is under construction to achieve up to 7 mio tourists per year by the end of 2020
– a huge amusement park is already open
– unfortunately a lot of waste everywhere and a lack of sense for the environment
– very nice resorts with clean beaches and lovely food, but during high season completely overpriced compared with
other Asian locations in December

Here is a list of our recommendations:
– Restaurant of Peppercorn Beach (Resort & restaurant)
– Restaurant of the Sea Sense Resort
Blue Sea Resort (our place)
– Restaurant of Mango Bay Resort
– The Spice House (it belongs to the Cassia Cottage)

Here are some pics from Phu Quoc 🙂
mooli-art-2-peppercorn-beac   mooli-art--3peppercorn-beac

Peppercorn beach

mooli-art-blue-sea-resort-r   mooli-art-christmas-phu-cuo

our room // Blue Sea Resort                                                  Christmas at Vung Bau Beach

mooli-art-dog-vietnam-phu-q   mooli-art-flat-tire

dog from Phu Quoc (special growth of hair on his back)                    oups … a flat tire. Perfectly repaired 🙂

mooli-art-blue-sea-resort-b  mooli-art-blue-sea-resort-s  mooli-art-peppercorn-beach

beach view / sunsetting at Blue Sea Resort                                          Peppercorn Beach

mooli-art-phu-cuoq-sunset-b   mooli-art-vung-bau-beach

photographer at work: Blue Sea Resort                              Vung Bau beach

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