Sleeping bus … what a nightmare

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It’s 6:30 am in Nha Thrang … after 12 hrs in this sleeping bus I feel like having done a 12 hrs ride in a bumper car. For the record: A. non. stop. ride.  All inclusive a well perfumed toilet.

The bus itself is a modern bus and offers quite comfortable seats for lying down. So the idea to travel the long distance between Hoi An and Nah Thrang during the night is basically ok. You don’t lose time. You just should strongly taken into account the condition of the streets if you like to go by bus. The whole distance you’ll have  a bumpy street. I can’t remember anyone in the bus who slept more than 30 min – in total-.

Once arrived in Nha Thrang we changed the bus and continued our trip to Da Lat. Still 4 hrs to go before I can fall down into a real bed.

Travelling with a lot of comfort :)
Travelling with a lot of comfort 🙂


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